Vol 10, No 2 (2020)

JTM Vol.10 No.2 Oktober 2020

Table of Contents


The Effect of Misalignment to Vibration, Electric Current and Shaft Rotation Speed on The Coupling Transmision PDF
Romiyadi Romiyadi, Purnama Irwan 73-78
Kinematics and Singularity Analysis of 2 DOF Planar Parallel Manipulators with Symmetrical Parallelogram Chains PDF
Adriyan Adriyan 79-87
The Influence of the Initial Angle of the Cut and the Depth of Cut on the Shaping Process to Edge Wear of HSS Chisel PDF
Anrinal Anrinal, Asmara Yanto, Hendriwan Fahmi, Yanto Darman 88-96
The Effect of Hold Time Variation in the Annealing Process To Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Austenitic Manganese Steel PDF
Ilham Azmy, Albert Daniel Saragih 97-101
The Effect of Volume Fraction on Acoustic Properties of Areca Nut Midrib Fibers Composites with Natural Adhesives PDF
Putri Pratiwi, Hendriwan Fahmi, Asmara Yanto, Idel Fitra Soni 102-108
Effect of Chromium Doping to Hardness Properties in the Manufacture of Spur Gears Made from Ferrous Powder PDF
Albert Daniel Saragih, Slamet Sutjipto 109-113
The Effect of Circulation of 3% HCL Solution on the Corrosion Rate of Aluminum PDF
Ismet Eka Putra, Teguh Burhanuddin 114-117
Study of Experimental Vibration Due to Misalignment of Pulley-Belt in Rotary Machine PDF
Asmara Yanto, Anrinal Anrinal, Rozi Saferi, Zultri Memori 118-122
Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Material Requirements of Spices Mixing Machine PDF
Rozi Saferi, Asmara Yanto, Jendri Surianda 123-130
Experimental Study on Flight Time and Frame Toughness of Quadcopter Based on Waste Polystyrene Paper PDF
Mastariyanto Perdana, Meiki Eru Putra, Farid Septio Matrilindo 131-140
Preventive Maintenance Study on H-25 Gas Turbine PDF
Sulaiman Sulaiman, Fahmirullah Fahmirullah 141-144

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