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Jurnal Teknik Mesin (JTM) is a journal aims to be a peer-reviewed platform and an authoritative source of information. We publish original research papers, review articles and case studies focused on mechanical engineering and other related topics. All papers are peer-reviewed. JTM is managed to be issued twice in every volume (April and October). The Scope of JTM is:

  1. Energy Science and Engineering
  2. Applied Mechanics and Materials
  3. Design, Manufacturing and Product Development
  4. Control, Instrumentation and Robotics


Kebijakan Bagian


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Proses Peer Review

JTM reviewing policies are:

  • Every submitted paper will be reviewed by at least one peer-reviewer.
  • Reviewing process will consider novelty, objectivity, method, scientific impact, conclusion, and references.


Frekuensi Penerbitan

JTM is published and imprinted by ITP Press and managed to be issued twice in every volume (April and October).


Article Processing Charges

Every article submitted to JTM will not have any 'Article Processing Charges'. This includes submitting, peer-reviewing, editing, publishing, maintaining and archiving, and allows immediate access to the full text versions of the articles.


Plagiarism Check

Plagiarism screening will be conducted by JTM Editorial Board.


Copy Editing and Proofreading

Every article accepted by JTM shall be an object to Grammarly® writing-enhancement program conducted by JTM Editorial Board.


References Management

Every article submitted to JTM shall use reference management software e.g. EndNote® or Mendeley.

ISSN: 2598-8263