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Welcome to Jurnal Teknik Mesin (JTM).  JTM is a journal providing an authoritative source of scientific information for researchers and engineers in academia, research institutions, government agencies, and industries. We publish original research papers, review articles and case studies focused on mechanical engineering and other related topics. All papers are peer-reviewed by at least two referees. JTM is published and imprinted by ITP Press and managed to be issued twice in every volume (April and October). JTM is abstracted/indexed in Crossref, Google Scholar and IPI.

JTM Vol. 7 No. 2 (October 2017): Call for Papers

Manuscript can be written in English or berbahasa Indonesia.

The submitted paper should follow the format available on the Author Guideline.

Journal submission deadline: 26 September  2017

Notification of Acceptance: 17 October 2017

Publish: 31 October 2017

The Scope of JTM is:

  1. Mechanics
  2. Energy Science and Engineering
  3. Design, Manufacturing and Product Development
  4. Control, Instrumentation and Robotics
  5. Ocean Science and Engineering

Vol 7, No 1 (2017)

JTM Vol.7 No.1 April 2017

Table of Contents


Design of PID Control System for Liquid Surface Height Using Root Locus Method PDF
Iskandar Azis 01-13
Designing and Manufacturing of Meat Grinding and Meatball Dough Blending Machine PDF
Romiyadi Romiyadi, Indah Purnama Putri 14-19
AFR Modeling of EFI Engine Based on Engine Dynamics, Vehicle Dynamics, and Transmission System PDF
Suroto Munahar, Muji Setiyo 20-29
Modeling and Simulation of a Rotary Quadruple Pendulum System Using Scientific Python Stacks and Modelica Language
Adriyan Adriyan
Position Optimization of SDVA mass (1/20system mass) to reduce translation and rotation vibration on beam
Susastro Suharto
Hardness Test on the Alloy Fe-50%atAl With the Addition of Nickel Using Mechanical Alloying Method
Dona Abrini


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