Writing Guidelines

Script Preparation :

  1. The manuscript is sent in the form of word format (*. Doc or *. Docx);
  2. The manuscript is written in Indonesian, with the correct spelling, sentence structure and paragraph grammar according to the grammar used;
  3. The manuscript is arranged in a two-column format;
  4. The title of the article should be concise and informative, and avoid using abbreviations;
  5. The maximum number of words used for the title is 12 (twelve) words;
  6. All authors' names are made complete (minimum consisting of firstname and lastname) included in the text without an academic degree. If there are more than one authors, the names of the authors are separated by commas (,);
  7. Author affiliations are written below the author's complete line. For correspondent writers, an asterisk is marked, and mark the names of the authors with an affiliate number superscript behind the name;
  8. The abstract is concise and factual and does not exceed 250 words. The contents of the abstract must briefly state the methods, objectives, results and conclusions;
  9. After the abstract  is given the keyword a maximum of 6 words;
  10. For the use of sub-chapters written in bold with sentence case format and arranged flat left and using a level numbering format using the capital letters format starting from 1. The use of sub-chapters should be minimized;
  11. Figures and tables are placed on the manuscript, and given a title according to their placement;
  12. Every image must be guaranteed to print clearly (font size, resolution and line size must be clearly printed);
  13. Each picture must be given a figure caption below the image and numbered sequentially followed by the image title, as shown in Figure 1;
  14. Each table must be given a table caption (table caption) and numbered sequentially to the top of the table followed by the table title, as shown in Table 1;
  15. Tables must not contain vertical lines, whereas horizontal lines are only given in the table headings and at the bottom of the table;
  16. Each equation is written using Equation Editor in MS Word or Open Office. Equations are not permitted to be pasted on the text as images;
  17. The main structure of the article consists of: Introduction, Methodology, Results and Discussion as well as Conclusions and Suggestions;
  18. If needed, a thank you can be placed at the end of the manuscript before the Reference / References section;
  19. Writing Reference / Bibliography using IEEE style, Numbers for each reference item are written in square brackets, for example [1]. Some references can be written in separate square brackets, for example [2], [4], [5], [7] - [9] and it is recommended to use software such as Mendeley.