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Nagari Asset is the property of the nagari wealth, purchased or obtained at the expense of nagari budget or the acquisition of other rights is legitimate. in asset management issues that often arise usually at a government agency often neglect the importance of managing the asset data properly, there are still many asset data is not recorded properly, and often difficult in making the annual report. It also occurs in the nagari Sialang, data management is still not good assets in the type of computer that is then printed and then stored in an archive. A further problem is not their grouping data based on the type and variety of assets, in order to facilitate the search for asset data. Therefore need a web-based asset management system using PHP programming language and MySQL database that can help nagari Sialang in processing assets. Web based asset management by using the PHP programming language can generate an asset management system in the nagari Sialang, In the asset management system in nagari Sialang, the user or officer performs an asset data entry. The assets data that is allocated are grouped by year. this will facilitate the making of the annual report. Furthermore, in the asset management system the user can also record the status of the assets, such as whether there are assets that are damaged or lost and need to be deactivated. So that with the existence of this asset management system, managing assets in nagari Sialang assets will be easier such as making annual reports, deactivating damaged or lost assets, and recording annual asset value reductions.


Asset Management, Information Systems, WEB, PHP, MySQL

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21063%2Fjtif.2020.V8.1.32-38


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