Busran Busran, Jos Handreas


Sap comes from the sap of a tree that is rubber tree. The rubber can be a source of agriculture
which propping up the wheels of economy Indonesian population. However, in the process of selling sap,
there were very high level of deceit which was done by farmers in the process of selling the sap that makes
the price of the sap becomes cheap. The expensive and cheap price of the sap, it depends on the level of
moisture content in it. More low of the moisture content in the sap then the price of sap will be expensive and
more high the moisture contain in the sap then the price of sap will be cheap. Therefore, the researcher
discusses about designing applications for measuring moisture content in the sap (rubber) based on arduino
and sensor which used for measurement namely soil moisture sensors and sell load sensor that works
automatically for checking moisture levels on the sap. Application design for checking the moisture content
in the sap performed in 3 stages: hardware design, software design and prototype design. Hardware design
using soil moisture sensors to check the levels of the sap, sell a load sensor for measuring the weight scales
of the sap, arduino micro controller using the C # programming language and the ethernet shield to connect
the microcontroller to the web server. To display the measurement results of the prototype automatically and
the data is stored into the database. Designing prototypes using thick plywood measuring 30 x 30 for
longitudinal section of the scales and soil moisture sensors placed on the cross-section of plywood. Based on
the test results of measuring the moisture content in the sap, can take measurements automatically and the
transaction process measurements of the moisture content in the sap is stored in the database and have the
report of the transaction data measuring the moisture content of the sap


Soil Moisture Sensor, Load Sell Sensor, micro controller, Arduino, Ethernet Shield, Web

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