Indra Warman, Khisbal Jihadi


Koperasi Plasma Baringin Siduampan West Pasaman regency is Koperasi focus cultivate palm oil
plantation, its profit sharing. During time there is no monitoring system for the progress amount of product
oil palm, the problem in the plasma. any member has difficulty getting information about the progress of oil
palm plantation because Koperasi Plasma management does not have the tools to deliver information to
koperasi plasma members. regularly, the process of monitoring plasma product is still manually by recording
collection data in some books and records into the Microsoft Excel application. That needs a long time and
mistakes can be in creating progress reports on koperasi plasma of palm oil plantations.Therefore, the
requirement for a web-based application applying the PHP programming language and database MySQL that
can help every member of the Koperasi Plasma Baringin Siduampan in monitoring the progress of plasma
palm oil palm plantation products. Applying the PHP programming language database MySQL can design a
monitoring system for the production of palm oil plantations. Aim of the research is to help the Koperasi
Plasma Siduampan palm oil in monitoring the growth of oil palm plantations and profit sharing. In the
monitoring system that is implemented, the administrator makes progress data entry including progress
photos, oil palm plantation product, and amount of income for any group member. any group member can be
accessed and monitor the system based on data that has been identified by the administrator. So that with the
information system this monitoring service can produce information simplify for each member of the
Koperasi Plasma Baringin Siduampan in monitoring the progress of oil palm products.


Web Monitoring, Progress, Plasma, Palm Oil, Web, PHP, MySQL

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21063%2Fjtif.2019.V7.2.105-114


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