Eva Yulianti, Setia Wati


The problem of poverty in Indonesia is the challenge facing the government from time to time, poverty is a complex problem that requires special handling and programs. In the Social and Manpower Office of Pasaman Barat Regency, especially in the field of empowerment, there is a community welfare program, namely the delivery of the Hope Family Program (PKH) assistance. In making decisions the selection of PKH recipients is time constrained because quite a lot of data that is processed or selected by employees is still done manually. The selection process that was not open resulted in several problems in the Social and Manpower Office of Pasaman Barat Regency and within the community itself. Among these problems is the delay in the distribution of expected family funds previously budgeted. The delay makes the people who need these funds constrained in handling the problems they face. This SAW method requires decision makers to determine the weight for each attribute. The total score for alternatives is obtained by summing all the results of multiplication between ratings (which can be compared across attributes). The rating of each attribute must be dimension free in the sense that it has passed the normalization process of the previous matrix. Data relating to PKH recipients is of course very necessary. To meet the needs of PKH recipients, a system is needed. The system must be able to be relied upon to process data into useful information in both routine and strategic decision making. The Application of Decision Support System Program for Family Hope Program (PKH) can help the Social and Manpower Office in determining whether a person is eligible for PKH assistance. Feasibility Results Recipients are based on predetermined criteria.


Decision Support System, Simple Additive Weighting, Hope Family Program, MySQL, Web

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