Analisa Perancangan Buck Converter Dengan Ground Terpisah (Iso-Buck) Menggunakan Matlab-Simulink Untuk Aplikasi Konverter Daya Multilevel

Anggun Anugrah, Andi M Nur Putra


Multilevel inverter is the best DC to AC power converter that was founded by experts in the field of power electronics, because it is able to provide AC voltage output with a very low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), below 5%. However, this Multilevel Inverter is very difficult to find in the market today because there are no multilevel inverters that are able to work properly for large currents. A quite large pull current can cause voltage imbalances between inverter levels, thereby reducing inverter performance. This paper is presented as an effort to maintain multilevel inverter performance, by supporting the voltage at each regulated level so that the inverter is not affected when there is a large current pulling on the load. The technique used is to offer a Buck Converter Regulator with a separate ground (commonly known as Iso-Buck). The feasibility of this method is further analyzed using MATLAB-Simulink. The analysis shows that Iso-Buck work sufficiently and can regulate voltage well for large currents. So that it can be applied to a low-speed multi-phase permanent magnet generator energy converter.

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